Folk Music Celebration

13th Youth Song and Dance Celebration “Holy is the Land“

Folk Music Celebration concert “Really”

The 13th Youth Song and Dance Celebration has a common guiding principle: “Holy is the Land”.

Juhan Uppin, the general director of the Folk Music Celebration, says the following about the Folk Music Celebration “Really”:
“The central and sacred value of the Folk Music Celebration is traditional Estonian music. This is music that is primarily transmitted aurally, our musical mother tongue, which no one in the world besides us can and must preserve. The Folk Music Celebration provides a means of expression for those young people who have found the meaning of belonging, a sense of togetherness and a common language in this music and form of music making. “Really” speaks from the heart and is done “seriously”. On the one hand, “Really” speaks to authenticity and distinctiveness, in other words, to identity, roots and origins, and on the other hand, also to the truth that only something that keeps up with the times and speaks to young people can be real and genuine. Through this event, we want to show the widest possible audience that our folk music is real and alive.”

Juhan Uppin
Author of the photo: Siim Verner Teder

How can I participate in the Folk Music Celebration?

The concert of the 13th Youth Song and Dance Festival’s Folk Music Celebration “Really” will take place on 1 July 2023 in Freedom Square in the centre of Tallinn. The concert is free.
During the 13th Youth Song and Dance Celebration weekend, in addition to the Folk Music Celebration, the Song Celebration (with tickets), the Dance Celebration (3 performances, with tickets) and a large ceremonial procession of the all the participants, which can also be watched for free, will take place.

Song and Dance Celebration tickets

The tickets for the 13th Youth Song and Dance Celebration are available here. We recommend that you buy your tickets and book your accommodation in Tallinn as early as possible, as tickets may sell out and accommodation in Tallinn during the weekend of the Song and Dance Celebration is usually booked out a long time in advance.

More information: [email protected]