The XIII Youth Song and Dance Celebration “Holy is the Land” will take place in Tallinn from 30 June to 2 July and will be easily accessible for guests with special needs. There are discounts on tickets for people with disabilities. For more information click HERE!

The Dance Festival

performances will take place on 30 June at 19, 01 July at 15 and 19.

The Song Festival concert will take place on 02 July at 14.

The Folk Music Festival will take place on 01 July at 12 and is free for all.

Dance Celebration “Bridges”

Visually impaired visitors

The main rehearsal-performance of the Dance Festival on 30 June at 15.00 can be attended free of charge with the help of a description translator. Tactile drawings and the programme for the Dance Festival will also be available. For free invitations to the performance with descriptive interpretation, please contact the Estonian Chamber of Disabled People.

Guests in wheelchairs

There are a limited number of places for visitors in wheelchairs and their accompanying persons at all performances. More information can be found HERE! Wheelchair tickets are €8. Accompanying persons will be admitted free of charge to the event together with the wheelchair guest. Both must have a valid ticket. Wheelchair/accompanying person seats are located between sectors I and II of the West Stand.

Stadium area

Toilet facilities for disabled guests are located in the Kalev Stadium. These are easy to find and are located close to the wheelchair area.

There is a separate information point for people with special needs, where visitors can get help and advice. A more detailed map of the stadium area will be added to this accessibility page in June.

The dance performance

The estimated length of the performance is 1.5 hours.

In the performance, we will see the story of a child’s growing up, told by the artistic director Agne Kurrikoff-Herman through the symbol of the bridge. As the child grows up, it creates new bridges with the world around it, and in doing so, its world expands. The accompanying music for the Dance Festival will be performed live by musicians on a stage set up for the occasion in the stadium. At any one time, there are usually around 1000 dancers on stage, dressed in traditional costumes, forming different patterns and shapes on the lawns of the stadium to the music.

“Holy is the Land” Song festival

The Song Festival will take place on Sunday 2 July, starting at 14.00.

Deaf and hard of hearing

The guests with impaired hearing will be seated in the sector A7 and the concert will be interpreted into Estonian sign language by a sign language interpreter on site.

The sector is located in front of the stage and in the immediate vicinity of the light tower. For more information on how to get a seat SEE HERE!

The ticket costs 8 euros and is free of charge for an accompanying person.

Guests in wheelchairs

Sector A7 has space for guests in wheelchairs to comfortably join the event. There is also comfortable seating for accompanying guests. See HERE for more information on how to get a seat!

Tickets cost €8 and are free for accompanying persons.

Wheelchair users are advised to use the Mere gate as it is the closest to the sector.

Disabled card holders who require an escort

Seats in sector A7 can also be used by other disabled visitors who require an escort. For the accompanying person, the ticket to the A7 sector of the Song Festival Ground is free of charge. The price of a ticket for sector A7 is €8 for a disabled card holder. A free ticket will also be issued to the accompanying person. For more information on how to get a place SEE HERE!

Song festival grounds

There is a special information point for people with special needs, where visitors can get help and advice. In June, a more detailed map of the song festival grounds will be added to this accessibility page. At the information desk, you will be able to find song lyrics in simple language and the programme of the Song Festival concert in Braille.

There will be special disabled toilets on the song festival grounds.

The signposts will be provided with both text and pictograms supporting the text.

About the Song Festival Concert

The Song Festival concert will begin with the lighting of the ceremonial fire in the light tower of the Song Festival grounds and the performance of the joint choirs, with around 20 000 singers on stage.

Choirs and orchestras will then take to the stage, by type of choir (e.g. children’s choirs, boys’ choirs, ladies’ choirs, etc.), each performing their own programme. The Song Festival will end with another performance by the joint choirs. The estimated length of the concert is 6-7 hours.

The title of the Song Festival, “Holy is the Land”, comes from a poem written by Hando Runnel. The programme includes many songs written to beautiful texts by Estonian poets, carefully selected by the artistic director of the Song Festival, Pärt Uusberg, together with the general conductors.

Folk music festival “Päriselt”

There will be toilet facilities for guests with special needs, and a hundred benches in front of the stage for everyone to sit on.

You can come to the concert with your own transport or by public transport on the usual timetable.

The Folk Music Festival will take place on Saturday, 1 July, starting at 12.00 in Tallinn’s Vabaduse Square. The duration of the concert is approximately 3 hours. The concert is free of charge for everyone.

The director of the Folk Music Party, Juhan Uppin said that the name of the concert “Päriselt” means that the young people involved in folk music are doing something that really connects them to our culture and heritage. At the concert, young folk musicians will play a variety of instruments, such as cither, pipe, bellows and violins. There will also be ensembles of musicians playing different instruments.

The procession

The procession of participants in the XIII Youth Song and Dance Celebration will start on Sunday, 2 July at 9.30 from Vabaduse Square.

The procession will follow Pärnu road, Narva road and Pirita road to the Song Festival Grounds.

The procession will start with the artistic teams of the Song and Dance Festival, followed by the rest of the participants by county. The counties are arranged in alphabetical order. A few brass bands will also walk between the singers and dancers to create a festive atmosphere.

The procession can be followed along the entire route. However, it is important to note that the route of the procession and the surrounding streets will be closed to traffic.