13th Youth Dance Celebration

13th Youth Song and Dance Celebration “Holy is the Land”

Dance Celebration performance “Bridges”

The 13th Youth Song and Dance Celebration has a common guiding principle: “Holy is the Land”.
The name of the Dance Celebration performance is “Bridges”.

What does the Youth Dance Celebration performance tell us?

The main choreographer of the 13th Youth Dance Celebration is Agne Kurrikoff-Herman, who says the following about the performance:

“The Dance Celebration performance called “Bridges” is the story of growing into a human being. Bridges are an M symbol that enable us to explain a person’s complex choices in shaping their worldview. At various stages of our growth, we create and build relationships within ourselves and with the world around us. As adults, it is our job to hand down our values to young people on their life’s journey. However, when accepting this great responsibility, we must allow them to build their own bridges with their surroundings and thus establish their own lives. These are the thoughts based on which the story of the 13th Youth Dance Celebration will start to develop. The performance of the “Bridges” Dance Celebration tells the story of a young person who grows over time, who builds, creates and searches for bridges within, in order to grow into a happy person.”

Author of the photo: Siim Verner Teder

How can I participate in the Dance Celebration?

The 13th Youth Dance Celebration “Bridges” will take place on 30 June and 1 July of 2023. A total of three Dance Celebration performances will take place. During the two days of the Dance Celebration, a total of three identical performances will take place at Kalev Central Stadium in Tallinn. The approximate length of each performance is 1½ to 2 hours.
We recommend using public transport or cycling to get to the Song Festival Grounds. Before, during and after the performance, extensive traffic restrictions will be imposed near the Song Festival Grounds and parking spaces will be reserved for performers.

When coming to the Song Celebration, plan for lots of extra time, because about 15,000 people will be gathering at the Song Festival Grounds in only a short time. And this means that congestion and queues are inevitable. Please also note that for security reasons, dangerous and fragile objects, including glass containers, will not be allowed into the grounds. The use of umbrellas inside the grounds is also prohibited, as they obscure the view of the stage by other concert attendees.

Tickets and accommodation during the Youth Dance Celebration

On the weekend of the 13th Youth Song and Dance Celebration, in addition to the Dance Celebration, the following will take place: The Song Celebration (with tickets), Folk Music Celebration (free) and the large ceremonial procession of the all the participants, which can also be watched for free.

Pre-sales of the tickets for the 13th Youth Song and Dance Celebration will start in January 2023. We will announce the start of ticket sales on this website. We recommend that you buy your tickets and book your accommodation in Tallinn as early as possible, as tickets may sell out and accommodation in Tallinn during the weekend of the Song and Dance Celebration is usually booked out a long time in advance.

More information: [email protected]