Gustav Ernesaks Foundation issued its main award for 2018 to Lydia Rahula

Gustav Ernesaks Foundation has issued the annual choir music awards to conductor Lydia Rahula, organizer of Europa Cantat Katrin Puur and master student Maarja Helstein at a ceremony in Estonia concert hall.

The foundation, named after the most legendary choir conductor and composer of Estonia, Gustav Ernesaks, was founded in 1993 to promote choir music. For the first time the main award is accompanied by a small “Gustav” sculpture – a miniature version by Ekke Väli of the landmark Gustav Ernesaks sculpture on the Tallinn Song Festival Grounds.

The main award winner Lydia Rahula is a long-time music teacher and conductor at Tallinn 21. School, founder of Tallinn Boys Choir, conductor of Estonian Children’s Choir and conductor of the Song Celebration since 1987. The head of Estonian Male Choirs Association Hirvo Surva praised Rahula for her contribution to educating a new generation of male singers.