The 27th Song and 20th Dance Celebrations drew the largest number of participants and spectators to concerts ever

The title of the 150th jubilee celebration “My Fatherland is My Love” will live on in the hearts of singers, dancers and spectators. The artistic teams and organizers thank everyone involved.

The final concert on 7thJuly brought 62 000 ticket buyers to the Song Festival Grounds in Tallinn to join the 35 000 singers. Saturday’s concert drew 35600 spectators. 33 000 people attended the three dance performances on Thursday and Friday.

Peeter Perens, the artistic director of the Dance Celebration 2019 is not surprised by the lively attendance: “Estonians have needed the Song Celebration for 150 years and will continue to do so in future. The programme has been compiled during the past three years and each piece selected carefully. In addition to old favourites the repertoire must include newly commissioned pieces that would enrich the heritage and challenge the artistic level of our choirs.”

Celebration in numbers:

Support team – ca 2000 people (including more than 200 first aid workers, 130 members of Defence League to serve 180 000 soup portions during the week)

1020 choirs and orchestras at the Song Celebration, altogether 32 302 people. 713 dance groups at the Dance Celebration, a total of 11 500 dancers and teachers. 74 groups at the folk music celebration with 800 musicians. The procession on Saturday included 47 000 singers, dancers and musicians.

The jubilee celebration was preceded by 33 days of the “Way of the Flame”. The flame travelled 4200 km from Tartu to Tallinn passing all Estonian counties and reaching 100 000 people on its way.

The next Song and Dance Celebration will take place from 1st to 3rd July 2022.