Already today you can get into the celebration spirit and check out the badges, T-shirts and sweaters to match! When choosing this year’s souvenirs, we made sure that the T-shirts, badges, bags and many other things for the Youth Celebration would be fun and cheerful, would match and, most importantly, would be used long after the event.

Every item in the gift shop is made with fair trade production principles and uses as many recycled materials as possible.

As well as fun and beauty, the practicality is a running theme – transparent raincoats protect against getting wet in the event of a major or minor rainstorm. The picnic blanket is designed so that when folded it can be used as a seat, the front pocket can hold the songs booklet and when it gets chilly you can just fold it around to keep the party going.

What’s more – the badges of the Youth Song and Dance Celebration! There’s a badge for the more conservative taste and then a proudly pink Song and Dance Celebration badge that stands out for its distinctive character.

Sweatshirts and T-shirts with their colourful designs, backpacks to hold all the stuff you’ll be taking to the celebration. You can already order larger and smaller souvenirs and gifts. You can enter the gift shop HERE and it doesn’t matter where in Estonia or the world you live – the packages will be delivered anywhere.

However, if you want to make a T-shirt order for a whole group and there’s no time to go to the e-shop, send your wish to [email protected]. Then we can also place the order by email and send it out. If you have any further questions, you can also call us Mon-Fri 9-17 on +372 555 10 994.