Help Ukraine

Dear colleagues,

we ask on behalf of the Choral Society of Ukraine named after M. Leontovych to spread this program as much as possible among the friendly choirs of Europe and the World. Please also inform us about the possible results of this program. We would be very happy if any recordings of the program, or individual works, were recorded on video and sent to this email address [email protected]

We recommend the following works in the collection of M. Leontovich:

  • Щедрик (SHCHEDRYK; Good (New Year’s) wishes);
  • Дударик (The Piper);
  • Льодолом (ICEBREAKER);

From the collection of works by O. Koshetz:

  • Ой ходить сон коло вікон;
  • На вулиці скрипка грає